Thursday, August 1, 2013

A distant dream

I've actually been weaving a little each night this week.

Been working on some 'memorial' rugs.

Those types of requests are going to be considered on a VERY rare occasion from this point on...

It's too stressful being confined to a certain bag of materials - I get stymied when I'm limited :)

But then tonite happened.  I did this instead.

Potluck at work tomorrow.... it's a team building thing, I guess....

It looks almost too good to take to work.  Not sure they are worth it :)  LOL

These rugs I've been working on are mostly denim.

Really wish I had a 'studio' where I could have my machines and looms set up and the mess contained.

Instead this is in my living room.

Blue fuzz EVERYWHERE...

I can dream tho, right?

All for now, JULIE


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