Saturday, August 24, 2013

Where did you find that?

It's hot here in South Dakota, hottest it's been all summer.  Gonna last all week I guess

Windy, too.

So today I've been weaving inside where it's cool.

Not sure what got into me last night, but after working a full day I came home and wove six rugs.


Stayed up until about midnite which is very late for me!

But dang this internal clock - was up at 5:30 this morning.  So figured I might as well get up and get those dang things off the loom.

Tied and finished up the fringed rugs, three of them, before 7 AM.  Go me.  LOL

Anywho, after a rummage/estate sale, I came back to a nap and then some more weaving.

Dog has been in and out all day. 

Just went to check on him since it's been awhile since he's barked to be let in.

Wonder where he found this???

I rescued the cute little thing and brought Cooper inside to give him a head start in his get away.  He moves pretty quick for a turtle!

All for now,


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