Monday, August 6, 2018

Bright spots

I've been trying to find a bright spot in every day.

Post surgical has been rough.

My hamstring and incision aren't so bad. 

I left hospital with a picc line - twice a day infusions of an antibiotic.
Please no contact with cows and horses, and outdoorsy types of things was the doctors request.

A week later, they added another antibiotic orally.

The two together have been, how shall I put it,   HELL.

These little guys, and 3 more, made an appearance.  Momma cat is quite wild, but has decided we are a nice source of food.  I can't say they are tame, but they are getting used to people and that we have yummy food to share.  Fun to watch and on occasion I get an opportunity to nab one and snuggle.  Only a few hisses :)

I didn't quite get to 3 weeks on the IV drug, before side effects made the doctor agree for a discontinuation.  Thing is, he added a different oral antibiotic to replace it.   So I'm still taking 2 different drugs.   Suffice it to say, my stomach is not happy, my head is not happy - headaches- and my general overall state of affairs is ICK.  

Tomorrow I have a recheck and I am going to campaign for a drug break at least so that I can maybe enjoy my trip to my daughters wedding.  I waited a bit too long to book flights - I was feeling so crappy, I couldn't begin to focus on it- and now I'm gonna pay through the nose for my tickets.   Oh, well. It is what it is.

Every couple days, I've found a bit of energy to check my horses water source and last night, the calves and cows came over to see what I was doing.  

I think they are so cute with their curious ways.

It always makes me smile when i get to watch these little guys.

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  1. Oh boy you gotta get out of that bucket and give someone else a turn
    I know I’ve said it before
    But this too shall pass
    Feel free to say it back to me when the need arises