Monday, March 14, 2011

It wasn't very long ago... maybe a month - that I had gotten all the denim jeans and other assorted pants all rough ripped out and into piles to start stripping out.

I think they reproduce or something downstairs while I'm not looking :)

Bags and piles of blue jeans, colored jeans and corduroys...

.... and these boxes hiding under the table, too!

I hadn't even finished the stripping out of the last batch of jeans I did!

Gonna need them, tho!   After this past weekend at the craft fair, I now only have on hand 4 denim rugs.  Sometime I should go back and see how many blue jean rugs I made last year.  Hmmm....

My entire stock of merchandise.  Noticeably smaller when I packed up from the show! 

Good thing I don't have another show entered for the near future.  I'm pretty sure I'll sign up for the Fort Sisseton weekend again, but doubt any before then.  Unless something interesting shows up that I want to try :)   I can change my mind if I want to!

I will now have a bit more latitude in choosing how often I go selling rugs.  Started the new job today - and the pay scale being significantly increased helps with the cash flow ~ hallelujah~ 

I'll be working some overtime - but it's a good thing.  Overtime pay, ya know.  I had a shorter day today and tomorrow.  Eight am this morning and 7 tomorrow - and then it'll be 5 am.  Good thing I'm a morning person.

When I got home this afternoon, I took care of the outside stuff, and then went down to try and tackle the piles of jeans that need to be stripped out.  I ripped on those dang things for over 3 hours and didn't even get 1/2 done.  I am quite full of blue dust - Need them tho - 

I've got denim rugs to make....

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  1. My husband just ripped the seat out of some jeans. Do you want them? I would be happy to mail them to you (and may a couple more pair that are on their last legs). I'd rather see them become rugs than rags.