Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slow night

Finally a slow night for me this week.

Or, now that I say that, I realize after work I shoveled snow away from gates so hay could be put into the horses and I ran the snowblower and cleaned up some drifts that were built earlier this week.

I made supper - pork chops buried in mustardy scalloped corn - Yummy.

And then I made some cheerios munch - cheerios, peanuts and raisins all covered like caramal popcorn. 

Another yummy!

I've been browsing online and on facebook.  I came across this picture --- and it made me smile!

It was my girl's last year in 4-H.  We were waiting for the driving classes to start and we met this fun little girl.

It was her first year in 4-H!

I remember her pony's name was Button and Deedee was fascinated with her.

Button's girl was quite the talker - I remember having a great time visiting with her about her pony and how she liked 4-H.

Doesn't Leah look like she's having fun and relaxed?  I think this may have been the reason she did so well when it was her turn to show.  She was relaxed, she was smiling, and she was having fun.

She finished the day with the Grand Champion Pleasure Driving buckle.

But the best part of the day?

Making a new friend and encouraging the excitement she had found with her pony....

All for now,  Julie


  1. I have always been a sucker for all those button ponies out there.. adorable!!!

  2. Oh what an adorable picture. That pony is just too cute. and Deedee and Leah looked so beautifully turned out!