Monday, March 28, 2011

Not a slacker - not really :)

You all probably think I've been slacking - being as I haven't been showing any finished projects lately...

Not so!  Just haven't had anything finished ~ I've been working on stuff, just nothing to show until today.

Finished up a tote bag tonite.   Green body and a tan and green woven belt for handles.  I added some other metal belt parts to fancy it up a bit and cover the sew points.

I've been weaving a bit here and there between sewing denim strips.

When I don't feel like weaving, I make myself sew - lol.

The other day I noticed my loom has an ouchie...

One of the outside pegs on this warp has broken off.  Must have been cracked or something, I guess.  It gave way while I wasn't there.  At this point the tension is ok, but it could become a problem.  I tried to think of a way to prop up the warp so the edges don't keep slipping off, but nothing is coming to mind. 

Any of you weavers out there have an idea as a temp fix until this warp is woven off?

There are a couple other pegs on the outside edges that haven't impacted my weaving yet, but I've got in the plans to do a max width series of rugs, so I'll need to fix these pegs before then anyway.  So a little downtime is in order I suppose so I can get this remedied.

All for now -



  1. I LOVE the bag. Can't help on the sectional warp as I've never seen a loom with one~

  2. You weave on a Union I think, maybe check in with Chris Gustin at Homestead Weaver for a tip on getting things back on track temporarily.