Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So what does stylish mean?  On the surface, it seems to be linked alot to clothing and outward appearances.  Obviously, that meaning doesn't apply to me!  I yearn for nice things, but don't think the $ costs make it worth the effort - and I don't always think to check the mirror when I'm busy with something that has grabbed my attention.

As I think of it, I pretty much think the 'style' that really draws me, is the one of a kind, the unique, the genuine.  Maybe that is what people might see in me... someone who has decided after all this time, that that is where I may find happy.  By being me - which is one of a kind and unique, and my pursuit of the genuine me.
So here is what comes with the award:

There were 4 things I need to do - ack!  Homework!!! 
1. Thank and link back to the person who sent you this award.  

So I was nominated from two different directions.
In Stitches  Sharon!

Two Guys and a Loom  Kent and Chris!

2. Share 7 things about yourself 
 In no particular order...

 In 1984, I was a queen.  SD State Limousin Queen, that is!  (that is a kind of cow)
I've been a 4-H leader for 23 years.  Half my life.  Literally

I've had 2 major surgeries - and because of this dear phobia of mine, I refused to be put under.  I stayed awake with a spinal and even asked my doctor if I could watch the monitor when I had my ACL replaced.  I hope I don't squeamish anyone out with this one.  I was able to say goodbye (again, literally) to my uterus during my hysterectomy.... Sorry, probably TMI!

Luv my ponies!  I even went so far as to go to college for them.  I have a Riding Master certificate in training with a minor in leatherwork from Meredith Manor School of Horsemanship.

I managed to have 3 children in 26 months.  There were twins involved.

I used to show calves. Here are some mementos from when my brother and I won Grand and Reserve at the "largest steer show in North America"  Ak-sar-ben (that's Nebraska backwards)... And if you look closely, that IS the tanned hide from my steer "Flash".

and last, but not least....

I know how to tell if a baby goose is a boy or a girl. 
It is a very messy job.
  I used to work for the largest goose producer in North America. 

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers 

This is a toughy!  I lurk at a few, am a regular at some, but I really have to limit my time on the 'puter...  But here goes.  I'm going to not re-nominate Sharon or the guys, even tho they deserve it - and try to spread the love a little bit :)
Kathleen Taylor's Dakota Dreams  She's an author, and yarn smith extraordinare.  Her mystery novels are a scream - Loved them when I found them.  I'm not a knitter, tho, so I can't truly appreciate her knitting how to books...

Quiltville I love her use of every little bit of scrap in her quilts!

Heart of a Cowgirl

No Negatives  This one is kind of a given... my daughter's blog. She just started it and between a busy college load, an athletic team and work, she's kinda busy.   But I can be a proud mom and show her off, can't I???

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award -- ok,  I did that!

My last thought to leave with you...

Find. Your. Own. Style.

It'll be beautiful!

Just me,  JULIE


  1. So Julie - how's it hanging? So sorry 'bout the name thang. I don't do much better after I have faces to go with names. The academy awards kill me since all the women are pretty, skinny and look pretty much alike. I like the find your own style advice. Very sage - Julie :)

  2. Love the ponies too! Aren't they a handsome little herd.

  3. Now I have another reason to follow your blog. The 4H work that you are involved in is great! I grew up in the country, and 4H provided one of the few social activities for us country kids! Raised chickens, sheep and goats!!! Love your ponies!!!!