Monday, February 28, 2011

O. M. Gee

Cool, Cool, everyone!  There is this stylish blogger thing that has been thrust upon me :)

Don't have time right now, to take care of the details - tomorrow! tomorrow!  I promise...

So obviously - one thing I've learned from this fun little dealio is... I need to sign my name onto the blog!

Just so we are all clear 

My name is  <<<<<   JULIE >>>>>

Oh lord, this is embarrassing LOL!!!!

I need to figure out a signature, methinks!   hahaha!

I have gotten More EXCELLANTE'  news about the job situation!!! 

I'm not not not gonna say any more until it's a done deal -  don't want to jinx it...

From the frozen tundra that is South Dakota, where winter never ends ---

the ever so humbled, 



  1. Well, congratulations on being a stylish blogger! If anyone deserves an award, you do, Julie! Good news about the job situtation, too. And hang in there, spring is coming! It always does, you know...:D

  2. Waiting , sitting on my hands to hear the news on the job !!! low 80's here in Bama!!! Want me to send you some warm weather? lol

  3. OMG..... so sorry! I was following Sharon from In Stitches, and she refered to you as Renee!
    Sincerest apologies Julie!!!!