Saturday, February 12, 2011


I'm resisting the urge to show you all the finished runners at once. 

If I do that, I won't have weaving pictures to show you again for awhile... LOL!

So here is the next installment of table runners --

You've seen this one before, but now it's trimmed and named and tagged. 
Please meet TR210.
39"x13", plus fringe.
And since that really ISN'T a new one for you to see, next up...


This runner was originally a vintage curtain panel, not the usual tablecloth.
Fun browns, golds, oranges and cream colors in this one!

I've been up since 6 this morning. Normal weekday wakey wakey time.  I didn't set an alarm, but I guess I'm trained.  I've finished up tying fringe, measuring and marking, records, etc on these runners.  I also have added into the pile the rest of the runners I have in stock, and replaced some worn tags and such.
No more retail store -
I'm gonna have to figure out a place to store these things in between craft shows and fairs.

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