Sunday, February 13, 2011

and another....

yellow gold table runner.

35"x 13"

For some reason I'm thinking this was a popular color for awhile. 
I've got four different versions of this runner now from tableclothes that came my way.  There may even be more of this yellow still in the stash that will get woven on a different warping.

And just because, here's another


Don't usually do things like this, I had a bit of yellow left on a shuttle and a bit of the curtain strips from another runner, and decided they went together.  We'll see if it appeals to anyone...and if not, at some point it may become a small bag/purse.

I'm up early today. Not sure what it is about Sunday's.  I wake up about 4 AM and can't get back to sleep.  It is a lonely time - no one on facebook, no one you dare to call, and even the dog is still asleep.

I guess I could get dressed and go down and start sewing denim strips.
I did that for about 5 hours yesterday. 
And I didn't even make a dent.


  1. I think projects like this are great - the mixing of "mediums".

    I love the rose colored runner in the previous post.. beautiful.

  2. Nice runners! I like that rose one, too.

    I'm usually up early, too, although I slept to around 7:30 yesterday. Unusual for me!

    Five HOURS of sewing strips and you didn't make a dent?! Wow, you must have hit the mother lode for blue jeans! :D