Friday, February 25, 2011


But first -another rug...

Still 18 inches wide.

This one I made longer - I didn't measure it yet, been kinda busy!

Made this one out of a blue bed sheet, mixed with some off white manufacture waste material.  There was a comforter / pillow / curtain making company here in the area.  They used to sell the leftovers/seconds/ etc.  I get these rolls of material on a semi regular basis when someone does some cleaning out!  Nice long pieces usually.

I put both colors on one shuttle together and as I wove them, I twisted and flipped the strips.  I like this look and it uses up some of the lighter fabrics that I seem to have an abundance of.  Lighter is not always good for rugs :)

OK, so to answer some questions that have been left in my comments - and sorry if i miss some - I'm a little scattered today!

Etsy?  Nope, not yet.  Trying to get it all figured out in regards to shipping, payment, etc.  All those little details that get pushed to the end of the day when a person is too tired to focus.  Actually, I would rather have my own website!  If you see something you would like, private message me and we can get it figured out -- it may take a bit because I can only get to the post office on Friday afternoons ...

Website?  I think I may have found where to add a page to my blog!  I'm going to try and get that figured out soon...

Towels making a mess?  Um, yeah, I guess it does make a mess - I ripped those, too.  But in the scheme of things, what's a little bit more fuzz?  Oy - PLEASE don't show up unannounced for a tour of my house lol lol lol!  I'll need about 17 days notice - OK????

Fixing the unintended stripe in my warp --  yup! did it already.  You'll just have to wait til the next batch of rugs to come off the loom - and that may be awhile!  I just rearranged a couple of the warp strings and we're good to go.

Do I hemstitch.  Um.  No.  Don't know how -  I'm assuming you meant on the loom.  I do a hemmed end on some rugs.  But not the hemstitch like some use for scarves, blankets, etc.  I'm not sure it would work on this high of tension????

Facebook -  there's a link on the blog over there to the right.  By the nice little pictures of my wonderful followers!  :)  Sorry to say, the pictures of my rugs on facebook is a little out of date.  That's on my to do list....

 Busy weekend - I'm in charge of a lunch at a local bull sale - the church ladies are doing it, I just get to do the planning and heavy lifting.  I've got 30 pies coming along with enough workers- I hope.  Sunday will be a take it easy day. 

Heard some encouraging news yesterday about the job situation.  Keep your fingers crossed that all proceeds positively!

Have a good weekend, everybody!


  1. Thanks for the answers! You know, you might go check out Dawn's websites for ideas. She sells Louet and other products with a second blog site. Her original one is here:

    That should get you to the other site also from links. Fingers crossed for good job news!

  2. Renee, I just nominated you for a blog award. The rules are on today's post :)

  3. I second that nomination... see my blog for details!!!!