Thursday, February 10, 2011

not easy being green

 Kermit is wonderful, isn't he?

I am loving these tablerunners that I've finished.  Any green these days is welcomed since the rest of the world seems to be white around here :)

I found some of the kitchen utensils that are my collection, just to make sure I've picked the right one to keep.  Glad I did, because I would have saved wrong!  I think the runners on the left are the best match and I had thought it would be the one on the right.   I even get to pick from two different sizes, or maybe I'll keep both!

There are times that I get people that really think it's neat that I weave "green".  You know - the recycling angle?  And yes, that is a focus of mine!

But mostly I just agree with Kermit.

Being green can be beautiful, too!


  1. You are so right, it isn't easy being look like you are weaving up a storm out there. No pun intended.

  2. Nice job..... and a good choice on which runner(s) to keep!!!!