Sunday, February 20, 2011

Always something new.

I got a request awhile back for some table runners that were a little wider than my normal norm.  :)

After a bit of pondering, I realized I should probably go ahead and make rugs, too, of that size.  I'd had some requests for smaller rugs for campers.

So, new size for me!  With that comes some experimenting.  After the many rugs I've made, I can tell pretty close if I was going to have "enough" of a material to make a decent size rug, or not.

So I got started on these table runners - and made this one first -

I was feeling pretty proud of myself thinking - wow these are gonna be pretty!

But then I started in on the second, matching runner - and realized I was going to be woefully short of the natural colored material.

Plan B -

I saved back enough strips to make the end stripe, and then got busy doing a double strip of denim and a single 1/3 strip of natural.  I like this look, too.  Susan?  What do you think?  I don't have any more of this natural colored linen, but I can scare up more of a white/off white material for the next try.  Do you like the end bar stripe look, or do you like the mixture?  Or do you have a different idea I can try?  Blocks of color? Asymmetrical color blocks?  Like I said - there is ALOT of this warp on the loom - we've got options, baby!

Another odd thing happened.  I hadn't noticed when I was warping and weaving, but after I took the pics and brought them up on the computer screen I saw this...

I've got an unintentional warp stripe running down each rug.  It blends in when the weft is random, but on the solid parts, it sticks out like a sore thumb.  I think I'm going to cut off the rug I've left on there and rearrange a few threads and get that outa there.   Random is the look I was going for, but that random stripe is awkward :)

Today I'm fighting a weather induced migraine.  We've got a doozy of a storm coming - terribly windy with a chance of much snow.  The last week or so has been a wonderful break from the snowstorms we've been plagued with this winter. It helped with the attitude- hope this one doesn't send everyone back to Crabbyville!

Anyhoo!  Susan - send me your thoughts on the runners and we'll go from there.
Everyone else - have a good Sunday...

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  1. If the unintended stripe bothers you run set of threads weighted off the back and change them out. I rather like the total randomness of it all myself. Sometimes some of our best stuff is the result of a happy accident.
    Hope the migraine gets better. I know exactly how you feel when weather comes in and pressure changes.