Sunday, February 13, 2011

Working Weekend

What am I talking about?  I work every weekend :)

I try to do 2 hours a night during the week, and 10 hours each weekend on weaving and production. 

That's a part time job.  I'm not feeling quite so stressed and tired since I quit my other part time job being a janitor.   Only thing I miss is the paycheck, as small as it was.  (By the way, I also have a full time day job...)

Working with denim.

Here is my "mix tub".  I've got boxes of strips all ripped up, and I take handfulls out periodically and add to this tub and mix.  It helps to keep the rugs from getting big chunks of one color in the rugs.  If I had a huge tub, or a clean floor, I would mix them all at once.  This'll work, tho!

I try to have my set up so I have to get up and down at a minimum.  Tub right next to me, a bucket to put strings and trim in, a catch box behind and a finish box on my left.  When I'm sewing the bucket is right by the mix bucket, and gets moved to where you see it when I'm trimming and clipping apart.  Plus a tv and vcr.  I went thru 3 movies today.

And here's a box of strips ready to weave with.  This is a pretty good size box and I've got it filled pretty compactly.  Another box about 1/2 full is also done as of tonite.

Would you believe I haven't even started ripping up the jeans from last weekends rough rip frenzy?  These are all strips that were left over from the last time I did blue jean rugs.  I ran out of warp before I ran out of jeans!

I'm working these days in my lower level/basement.  It's not a true basement, only a little ways into the ground and unfinished.

If there wasn't so much snow, I'd have a view!  The weather here has seen a welcome change.  It was 36 degrees or a little more yesterday and almost that today.  Only 65+ degrees warmer than it was on Tuesday :)

It's hard to enjoy it, tho.  Because I know these warmer days are fleeting...


  1. Ah, but we're halfway through February now! The days are getting longer, and the sun's getting stronger. The days of winter might still be upon us, but her days are numbered!

    What always amazes me it that the snow ALWAYS melts! We have mountains of it here in the UP. It seems like it would always be with us, but it does go away, so you'll have your view back again.

  2. I missed it that you have a full-time day job. Congratulations! When do you sleep :(