Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Made it fer miself...

I made myself a bathmat.

You know how those dang towels get all ratty and tear when you're drying your back?  Oh, you don't?  It had been awhile since I got new towels - my kids got me some for Christmas.  Well, I used a couple of those old towels...

And yes, I've put some in my rag towel stash, but I really needed something for in front of my bathtub instead of laying down another towel that would just need to get washed, too.

This width works well for this spot!  A standard size rug of mine would be too wide to fit without messin' with the toilet rug, so here it is.

And it matches perfectly...


  1. Oh good job! I need new towels but always seem to need to recycle the old ones into service for the critters. Maybe just maybe I can save a few for myself to do something like this for our bathroom! I bet it's thick, thirsty and soft underfoot. Now go have a great soak with a good book.

  2. You made that from towels? I should have thought the lint from cutting would be wretched but you didn't mention any of that. Of course, you're the chica who rips and tears jeans.