Thursday, June 20, 2013

50 years

We celebrated my parents 50th anniversary last weekend.

I took my pup, Cooper with me and he was a hit with my niece and nephews.

He got some exercise - to put it mildly :)

The location for the open house was Prairie Sky Ranch  (  They have a herd of buffalo!  Beautiful weather, awesome facility and great people came.

I baked a 'wedding' cake.  Not bad for a first timer, huh?  My sister did the cookies and mints.  We also served ice cream floats.  They were a hit!

Wish I could have slept all the way home like the Coop did!

We did family pictures, so I'm hoping to get one that doesn't make me cringe.  Maybe I'll share it here...

All for now,


PS.  Yes, I have been weaving.  Just forgetful - haven't taken a picture of the newest ones and they are already to the store.  Maybe the next batch I won't be such a lame brain and have something to show you all from the the looms....

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  1. It looks like the celebration was fun, and I hope you're finally feeling better. I would love to see pictures of your new rugs. ~Doreen