Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wonder what got into me?

Wasn't planning on getting much done today - no, I take that back...  

I had all these ideas about weaving, and crafting, and indoor stuff that should be done.

Instead, I mowed my lawn ~

And built a fence.  Or at least part of one, because, ya know, ya never have everything you need.

I decided I might as well use the 'leftover' fence parts from the pasture/yard fence and put a decorative one to kinda enclose the back yard.  Now I just need two more rails and that will be done.  Who knows when it WILL get done, but hey, it's a start :)

Also moved a few rocks and put an old well pump upright to try and do some landscaping.  Of course it got a little toasty so I had to take a bit of a break in the middle of it all.

So then I went back out to finish up and put away tools, and got a hairbrained idea that one of the horses needed a bath.

Guess what Queenie did when I let her back out?

AHHHHH, she says :)

Now she's out there snorting and bucking around.  Ovbiously felt good getting the itchies and sweaties and grimies washed off.

Deedee says... "me next?"

All for now,


  1. Your lawn looks so pretty Julie!! Queenie looks like she feels so good after that bath!!

  2. its hard to believe that is the same place as in all your snow pictures! beautiful! quite different from us here in the northwest :)