Wednesday, June 5, 2013

at least there's this!

um, yeah...

so I have been around and doing such things as work, work, and more work.

but I did do this t-shirt quilt this weekend instead of all the things I should be working on here at home.

i needed a break.

i have woven some, mostly the blue warp has gotten my attention.

i took 6 rugs to the store, but forgot to take pictures.  ugh.

i've got a couple of chenille bedspread rugs on the newcomb, too.

this week I must focus on other things.  My parents 50th anniversary party is next weekend.  this weekend is devoted to getting all those details ironed out.

  i've been procrastinating.


would you believe I STILL don't have my voice completely back?????

talk about - or croak about - a pain in the rear :)

all for now.

it is WAY past my bedtime...


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