Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Sweet

Just pulled some super sweet colors off the Newcomb.

I think there are five rugs here, all formerly of chenille bedspreads.

I'll plug away tying fringe this week. 

Busy one, tho.

It's 4-H Horse Show season.  I've got the last weekly practice on Tuesday with the County Show on Friday afternoon.

It's been raining, so hopefully it dries up some so we can have the full sized arena to show in...


For basically the first time in over two years I'm scheduled for work only 40 hours a week. 

Not sure what to do with myself!  LOL 

Wish they would let us work four 10 hour days.

Hauled the trash, did the laundry and trying to make myself fold, washed the dishes, packed the lunch.

Should really go to bed, but it's so light out!

Maybe I'll tie some more.

All for now, JULIE

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