Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Better late than never....

So awhile ago, while I was feeling puny after my last surgery, I spent some time working on my daughters wedding gift.  I just couldn't share until it was gifted.

I had pieced the top before surgery, and had sent it away to be machine quilted.

Right before surgery day, I machine sewed the binding on so it would be ready to hand stitch down.

It took a few weeks after I got home until I felt well enough to do that, but it was nice to be able to be productive during that time, if only a little bit.

The quilt pattern started out as "H"s that ended up about 5 inches tall.  I decided early on that wasn't what I wanted to do for days and days.  So instead I did this.  The H stands for my Leah's new last name.

Bonus points were made as these H's were also made from new hubby's old button down shirts that somehow made it to my place. 

Confused them both for a minute, but Justin was the first to say, 'is that my shirt'?   Got some laughs and 'where did you get my shirts' questions.

Fun reaction, just what I'd hoped for.  It's the type of quilt you can use for a cover for it's looks, or just use it for warm.  I made it queen size, so it should work on the bed.

I've got another quilt top ready to be quilted that I made some time ago on a whim.  I've been feeling like i should call and see if the long arm quilt lady has some time to do this one, too.

All for now,

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