Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Where did fall go?

The last month or so has been wet here.  Lots of rain days.

Hard to do outdoor projects when it's raining, raining, raining.

Today we skipped over cool, crisp, dry fall weather to this....

It's wet heavy stuff that's been coming down all day.

So far we aren't having problems with power yet, but the town west of here about 40 miles, where I used to live, has enough of the stuff that trees are going down and causing problems with power lines.  It's really early to have a snow day at school, but they had their first today!

I've filled my day with finishing up with a batch of flyswatters. Yes, that's my bed they are on.  My work area is also my office, living room, bedroom and storage...  You can see Cooper pup hanging out in my recliner.

These fit in my booth with my re'New theme, because I use leather that I have salvaged from old jackets, pants, skirts, purses, etc.  One side of the swat is made from vinyl that was a rummage sale find... a whole roll for just a few bucks years ago.  Something I couldn't leave behind, haha.   I try to not go to many sales right now.  I have no where to store any 'finds' that I can't leave behind.

Now that I have this batch finished, the tote of leather type tools can go back to the trailer and I will continue on with strip preparation.

Here's a start for the next tote that will get stashed away until I have a place to get the loom set up.

The other day I scored 3 large garbage bags full of assorted khaki/twill slacks.  I think I may start prepping those next.   Unless I find that bag of tableclothes my friend sent over....

Got a call this morning from a local, wondering if I had a runner of a certain size.   I don't, but conversation led to finding out she has a loom that she bought 20+ years ago at an auction, and has never found the time to figure it out.   I may have found a weaving buddy to help her figure out her loom :)

On the health front.... so far so good...   no signs of infection recurring.   I'm feeling a bit better, but still get fatigued alot and obvious signs of my system trying to reset itself.    Still don't feel like I'm out of the woods with this whole ordeal, but it will just take time I guess.

All for now, 

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  1. Kudos to you for plodding on, doing your best.
    Proud of you.