Monday, March 29, 2010


Many rag rugs that are available are woven all on white or natural colored warp.  I use natural warp sometimes, too.

More often though, my designing eye wants color.

From the colors of warp I have on hand, I have an unbelievable amount of ways to combine them to get the look I want.

Sometimes I'll do a sort of tone on tone ~ for example~  I'll use Red, Rust, and Burgundy together.  This makes for a really rich warp that has alot of depth to it.

Other times I will use some neutrals with one or two colors - usually a dark and a light value of the same.  Such as this warp that I've pictured.

One time I put 12 dark blue on one harness and the other harness had 12 different colors... that turned out to be a fun one!

The warp is a very important part of each rug.  Sometimes it tones down the colors in the weft materials, and sometimes it enhances certain colors.   It's like magic sometimes and other times, it's like... ummm... no - not gonna work with this!

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