Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Hunt

The way I work this rug thing is to make them out of other people's castoffs... Rummage sale finds, dumpster diving, Salvation Army, donations....  You get the picture.

Because of this choice of materials, when I'm out I can't just pick up the phone and order some more and get it shipped right out.  I have to go on "the hunt".

Here is a picture of one of the piles of freshly laundered textiles I've accumulated in the last few hunts.  Of course I seem to find colors that won't work with my current warp.

I can tell right now, my next warp is going to be blue.  For one thing, I am out of denim rugs, so I need to get some of those made up, and secondly, I have alot of BLUE in my piles.   Just not this one :)

Next color will be a black/charcoal warp.  I've never had a dark warp like that before, but in my last warp order I included some black and charcoal so that I could use it on my black denim.  I find I don't care for the black denim on the other warps I've used, so I'm looking forward to the black denim rugs.

I've also laid aside some other textiles that I think will work on that warp and can't wait to see how it turns out.

Lately in my forays I have been finding bunches of tablecloths.  Most of these are stained in spots, so I will be cutting those parts out and then making the rest into table runners, and maybe even some placemat sets.

The tablecloths make up really nice into these runners and are a fun little project that I'm hoping will be doable on my Structo Loom. 

I am warping her up now -  HER?  Some people name their looms.  So far I haven't done that, but this little one seems like a girl to me at this point, so maybe she will end up with a name.

Odd, I know....

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  1. I've named my looms. It seems to help me get along with them better - you know, make friends.