Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another step in the right direction

Yesterday my house looked like this!

Or close to this ~ this is a picture from last fall... the new roof was put on after that, too.  Just look at the siding, will ya?

Now it looks like this...

No more siding!  My son and I ( or to be truthfully honest~ with an assist from me)  removed the siding from the front of the house last night after he finished his work day.  Worked until after dark, but it got done!  Wish I had the energy reserves of the young....

We still need to remove the window from the garage - it's on the far left  -it's a little high to be of much use anyway... And then we will be ready for the contractor to come and do the install.

Trying to put as much sweat equity in as I can!


  1. Did some sweat equity around our house today too. Drywall replacement in the laundry room and tomorrow will be more of the same.


  2. Looks like a metal roof!! Nice!!