Sunday, May 9, 2010


Have I been a slacker today?  Or did I take a well deserved day off?

Spent the day yesterday running about town doin' the city wide rummage day.  Came home with a bunch of jeans (colored ones, too!) and some other random textiles.  I am really set for weaving supplies now.

Tomorrow I will spend the day weaving tablerunners.  The loom is all set up with about a 1/2 of a runner already woven.  Will be able to kick a**, so I should get alot accomplished.

I still haven't gotten pictures of the last batch of rugs taken.  They are mostly blanket rugs, so they are nice rich colors.  I am waiting for some good light to try and get those colors shown off to the best of my abilities!  Hopefully tomorrow brings some cooperative weather.

I did get a couple of rugs worth of weft prepped for the next colorway of rugs.  If I can stay ahead of myself, I won't have to stop and catch up.  Does that make sense?  I'm talking about just me here!

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