Monday, May 24, 2010

I survived

So the graduation weekend is over.  Pictured is my goofball of a son acting all happy and relieved! The bugger graduated with highest honors and had a great turnout at his reception with many wonderful sentiments about him that were shared.   Makes a mother proud....

I am back at my loom.  I have a full 6 hours of time carved out today to produce rugs.  I'm watching the shop today and will be here all day.  Last week was interesting.  After having a slow 4 months, I sold 6 rugs in one week, plus a couple of table runners.  Not sure if this is the season and sales will keep semi steady, or maybe it was just a coincidence.

I'm conflicted when it comes to sales right now.  I'm trying to build up inventory for the big craft fair in two weeks.  I want  to have as many rugs there as possible, but I won't pass up a sale NOW.   Helps with the cash flow, ya know?

Sometime in the next week I have to set up my new canopy and get my display system all figured out.  It's been wet and stormy the last couple of days, I hope it quits soon....

No time to take a breath!


  1. NICE! Where is he going to school next?


  2. My boy will be attending Dakota Wesleyan University to major in Business. And he is going to play football for them!