Thursday, May 27, 2010

Words to ponder

Today I attended a seminar put on by the NorthEast South Dakota tourism and business development groups. 
The seminar was on the ABCD's of Great Hospitality.

Great guest speaker Pat McGil kept us all smiling, laughing, and sometimes crying with laughter.

In a handout there was the quote "I was once worthless until the day I decided to be worth more"

That statement is me.  I didn't always think that I was worthless.   I made the mistake of believing someone else, instead of believing me.  All to keep someone else happy, when I should have been concerned with my own happiness.

I asked Pat, "I know my worth, how do I convince everyone else that I am worth more?"  I have been struggling since I reclaimed my life to find my place in this community.  The mold is hard to break in small towns.  Once you have been labeled, it  is nearly impossible to alter that perception in others minds.

 Her answer was to live my worth, and eventually others will see it.

The challenge now, is to be strong enough to live that life while others are learning and meeting the new to them, me...

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  1. Hmm, I've traveled that journey actually. It's like a capsized boat that can't right itself - takes time to get turned over, all the water out and the old buoyancy back. Hang in there~