Wednesday, July 4, 2012

6 months later...

I've finally gotten around to my 'new' sewing machine.

Back in January I came across a machine at the junque shop and brought it home.

Finally have it up and ready to run...

It's kind of small and unassuming when it's all closed up.  I'm thinking someone did a refinishing job on this.  It's quite nice and the stool has a nice quality vinyl on it. 

Here it is opened up.  It actually has quite a generous work space~ more than I'm used to :)

And a close up of the old girl.  I had the motor and light replaced - the electric cords were scary!  The serial number tells me this was made in 1948.  It's in nice condition.  Haven't sewn on it yet, need to find a project first, LOL.

Inside the drawers I also got the original instruction book, Two student handbooks, one about the machine and the other about the attachments.  That should be handy as there is a box of attachments, also!  I didn't take the time to see which ones I have, but another day!  Plus a few bonus literature items.

I really don't know what took me so long to get this back into the cabinet.  There was a grand total of 9 screws that I had to put in...

I need to work on my "start" button.  I think it's broke...

All for now ~ JULIE

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  1. I had the exact same machine........ended up giving it away, or selling it or something, but somehow still have the bench....which is a perfect size for weaving on a baby wolf, or a leclerc compact.