Sunday, July 22, 2012

Getting to know you....

I admit.

I shouldn't be doing what I'm doing today.

I am behind on housework.  Bills.  Outside chores. Weaving.  Pretty much everything that I should be doing.

That start button issue?  Still a problem.

But today, I am starting something.  I am cutting and sewing the start of a scrap quilt. 

I don't need another quilt.  I don't have a deadline of a gift, or an event.

I have had a pattern picked out for awhile that will work with using up some scraps.  Because ya know, I can't throw anything away....or buy anything new without an act of congress.

I'm getting to know my new machine.  Straight stitch only.  Don't think I can even back stitch?  I should probably get out the book and read through it just once :)

I'm going to have to figure out something for the foot control.  It's a little high for my comfort.  Need to make a heel rest or something.  Also include a way to keep it in place.  It has a tendency to get pushed under the crossbar underneath and then it goes to town by itself.  I have to fish it out from underneath so it quits sewing!

Typical me, lately.  Second block and I've already made a mistake.  See it?

It is out of character for me to make these simple mistakes.  I did it at work the other day, too.  Put a part on the wrong side of where it goes.  Stupid, dumb mistakes. 

Sometimes I think I'm losing it.  I have been so unfocused lately!  I'm edgy and restless. 

Are those symptoms of a midlife crisis or something??? 

Or maybe it's this~

From this advice, I'm not prepared mentally for sewing (or anything else I presume). 

I've got the dirty dishes and unmade bed...

Ditto the housekeeping chores.

Make myself attractive?  HA!  for whom?

Really, I would never do anything enjoyable if I was to "get everything put together" first...

But that doesn't mean I don't want it to be done! 

Oh for a fairy godmother, or a maid, or a genie!

All for now, from a very disorganized person,


1 comment:

  1. Julie,
    You might try putting a piece of foam, or that foamy stuff they use for shelf liner, under the foot control. Try taping it on with duct tape (to see if that will help). You might roll some up for a heel rest on the front edge. Just a thought.
    I enjoy your blog. I have been reading it for a long time. I don't usually comment because I'm pretty shy. I am a weaver, too. But I work full time so I think about weaving more than I actually do it. I have three projects in the works right now.
    Housework is very far down on my priority list. But, that being said, I have discovered that if the dishes are washed, it's like a stone rolls off my spirit. It's as if the dishes sit there reproaching me, or accusing me and I just can't think about anything clearly. So I pick up and put down stuff and don't accomplish anything. If I do the dishes, though, it's like a fog rolls away and the day opens up.
    It is worth a try, anyway. When we have to be our own motivators (and who doesn't, really?) we have to work out strategies, yes?
    Watch out for a blessing today. I feel like God has a blessing for you.
    Vicki Allen, weaver
    Dublin, Georgia