Sunday, July 1, 2012

A discovery

Mom, I think there is something back there!

What's this?

At first thought ~ mouse?  gerbil? 

It's a Weasel!

Sorry for the blur... he's a little bit fast :)

Unfortunately he slipped into the open garage, 
so now I'm needing to keep an escape route open for the little bugger.

They can make a stink when they feel threatened,
so I think I'll let him decide on his own when he wants to leave!

Not that I'd want to grab him at all.
They have some lethal looking teeth.
He churped and warned me that I was a bit close :)

All for now,  JULIE

PS  Cut some strips today.  Refinishing a vintage mirror today.  Relaxing a little after some overtime last week as well as the annual 4-H horse show.   Overtime coming this week, but Wednesday off! 


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