Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Progress and sore muscles

I've made great progress these last few days - with help from my parents.  I am lovin' my dad's skidder with the post auger attachment.  My lord, I don't think I could have done it without it!

Here's an angle that shows the retaining wall we built from old telephone poles, fence posts and whatever else I could scrounge...  Can't really tell how far the yard drops from here, but i had to do something to "settle" the house into the location.  It kinda just stuck out from the ground before.  Also needed to create a way for water to run away when it rains.

Now I need to get the dirt all drug up again and throw a little grass seed on it.  Sometime.

When I moved here late last fall, I kinda just picked a spot and stuck my horse shelter and a catch pen down.  Ended up I had to move it because of how I've decided the fence needs to be.  See the big tall pole?  That was scary to put in!  Gonna figure out a way to put up a yard light there.  Also have about 6 new corner/end posts put in tonight.  All tamped in and ready to string some wire as soon as they firm up.

Interesting that at the bottom of those fence post holes - we hit water.  Less than 6 feet down - not just mud - water... I could dig a hole, stick in a pump and have a ground water well!

I'm hoping to get an auto waterer put in yet this fall, but if not this winter should be easier than last.  The horses will be able to get a whole lot closer to the water source if I have to carry buckets like last year.

I'm feeling a little panicky about the craft fair coming up two weekends from now.  I have so much more I'd like to have ready.  But it just ain't gonna happen, I don't think.  Have to prioritize I guess!

Oh, and by the way -
If anyone wants to come and help me paint my house- I'm not turning anyone away!  lol!

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