Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't Hate Me

I'm going to tell you what I do for a day job.

Don't hate me...  cue the dramatic music

I am a telemarketer--

I call only on businesses.   Yesterday one of my calls, upon realizing that I was calling him to try and sell him our services stated.   Julie! Julie!  Go get a real job!  and then he hung up.

Got me to thinking...

What is a "real" job????

I have in my lifetime been:
*a stay at home mom - that's work, right?
*a convenience store clerk
*a stable hand
*an office temp
*worked in a goose slaughter plant ( talk about messy )
*been and still am a janitor
*farm hand/laborer
*designed and worked on catalogs
*trained horses
*and many other little 'day job' type things that are too numerous to mention.

Not to mention my own little business ventures.

Are these "real" jobs?

Trust me - If I could be doing anything else and be making a living, I would.   I hate receiving telemarket calls myself.

But when you are on your own, and you have to bring in a minimum amount of money, you just gotta make it work. 

This job allows me to work weekdays - no weekends or nights or holidays.  That lets me have weekends to go to craft shows to sell my rugs, and the evenings to do my janitor work and make more rugs. 

It's full time - and there are even benefits available!  I can actually be sick and stay home and not worry about losing a days wage.  That's never been an option for me before.

It's not so physically strenuous as to keep me from putting in another 5 hours or so of work each day - even tho I would like to sit on a couch and watch tv - that's just not an option!

And it's not minimum wage.  I'm not gonna get rich- but it's better than most of the jobs here if you're not a teacher or get into the big manufacturing plant.  Which I can't seem to - I'm guessing it has something to do with the ex being there... :)

I like the other girls in the office, the schedule is great, and the pay is ok.  Just the actual work is the iffy part!

So do you think I have a "real" job? 

I almost dialed back and asked the dude if he had a 'real'  job to offer me.... just to see what he would say!


  1. Any type of work that hands you a paycheck is a job! It might not be the most glamourous job, but someone has to do it. My husband always told the kids "you know the guys that pickup the garbage may smell at the end of the day, but aren't you greatful they come and take the trash to the dump for you?"

  2. I appreciate the constraints you have as well as the opportunities, given your location. I don't hate you - I have caller ID and I never pick up. Given telecommuting opportunities, it seems that you should have more choices. I wouldn't want to be on your end of the phone.

  3. You have a real job. I real hard one too! Don't think that it is not one. I would rather do your job than to be in Customer service... where all the calls you receive are complaints. some real bad. I used to be customer service rep. Worst job for me was the Bill Collector for a company where I called on other companies to get them to pay us. Now I have no job.. Wish I could find one. See yours is a real job and not a bad one. LOL Please don't feel bad about it. Those 2 jobs I had made me a better person toward telemarketing sales people. I just let them know that I am not working at this time and can't afford what they are selling. I am also nice to people behind counters in customer service when I have a complaint about something. I know it is not their fault. Look at it this way You have People Skills !!! LOL