Sunday, October 3, 2010

Catching up

It's been awhile since I posted.  I assure you - I haven't been on vacation!

There's been cows in my yard.... several times.

I've been dumpster diving....  These are the original windows from the courthouse in our town.  Couldn't let them be trashed!  Not sure what I'll do with them quite yet.

Things are looking grim in regards to getting my vehicles in the garage this winter...  I keep bringing "stuff" home.

I finally got back to the landscaping project yesterday.  Unfortunately I have run out of posts before I've run out of project!  Hoping my dad was able to scrounge some more up - he's planning on coming back today to run the skidder/auger.   I did the placing and tamping - I am hurting.  This working at a computer screen all day everyday has made me soft!

Time is short for these types of projects.  Can you believe we had frost yesterday morning?

The sun sure feels good - especially when you have someone to share it with! 


  1. Hope you find something wonderful to do with those windows! And GIT yer vehicles inside before the snow flies... you'll be happy you did so.


  2. We've had weather too - weird weather. It started raining about 4:00 this morning and continued until this afternoon, just a steady rain. It never rains in Nevada and our dogs absolutely didn't know what to do. They'd go out and then want to come right back in!