Sunday, October 17, 2010


Back from the craft fair - A cramped vanload out, plus a car with more stuff - and it looked like we had just as full coming back.  How does that happen?  

This is one of the burlap rugs I just finished up that got some attention.  Too bad it didn't sell.
Right now I've got two that are hemmed - 

And two that are fringed. 

I have more burlap for about 3 more rugs like this- that are in the works and there are two on the loom woven already.  Tuff, ruff rugs that would be awesome  by the back door to knock some dirt off when you come in from the great outdoors....

It was a steady day yesterday - sold some rugs, sold some purses and sold some flyswatters - Nothing amazing, but it was respectable.  Our setup was a little iffy compared to last year.  We had requested our same spot last year plus one more spot next to it.  When we got there we had our spot - but the size had been reduced!  So our plan had to go out the window.  There were 5 of us vendors in basically 3 spots, but one was a corner that didn't have frontage space.  CRAMPED- 12 feet of front with a corner - so in the end it was actually probably only about 8 by the time we took out space to get people into the corner where two of us were.

Next show- I have 18 feet of booth front to work with.  Should be a little better!  Or alot....

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  1. Glad to hear you sold some.Here I notice that if we stay a week or more ,people come back and buy.They go home ,think a bit and then come.
    Just for one day is not that good.