Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday turned out to be a calming day.  Alone - nobody telling me to go go go.  No cooking.  No imminent deadlines, etc.

It was a good thing.

In the calm I found some "want to" hiding away.

I finished up a handful of flyswatters that have been laying around waiting -

I started the next scarf warp (I finished that this morning! )

And I got handles put on a tote bag -

Nothing fancy, but cute and handy none the less -

I also did alot of wasting time on the computer and just hanging out. 

On the agenda today - a couple of hours in the shop trying to weave off the current warp and a trip to my Dad's to go eat pizza.   It's a nicer day outside today - the temps have moderated and it's almost nice!

I can't believe there are still 2 more days that I can pretty much call my own :)

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