Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wool scarf finished!

I searched and searched for the picture I took of the sweater, pre unknitted...

Couldn't find it.  Story of my life these days!

On the loom.  Simple plain weave with stripes on each edge.

Off the loom and looking a bit crimpy... I kind of liked this texture.  Made it look like i had some fancy woven structure...

And finished!  Most of the crimp came out in the wash.  The fringe was all wonky when it came out of the wash, so I had to spend a little time getting that all straightened out.  Never did put it in the dryer.  This scarf dried very quickly just hung on a hanger.  I'm liking the selvedges better on this scarf.  Practice, practice, practice!


  1. I really Like that scarf ! you have a great talent! Just making beautiful things all the time !!!

  2. The scarf turned out great. Selvedges make me crazy. I know the solution is end-feed shuttles, but then you have to buy perns and a pern winder. I just keep trying.