Sunday, November 21, 2010

putting my feet up

It's been a long fall.  Workweeks of a full time and part time with basically no rest on the weekends- has made this old broad pretty dang tired. 

Yesterday's craft and vendor fair and luncheon went very well.  No big problems and good attendance.

The food went over well, with manageable leftovers.

Rugs, runners and other miscellaneous items sold.

Pretty good day, when I think about it!

Today I ventured out on icy roads - rain/sleet/ick happened overnight so I really questioned going.  But I really wanted to get to the big show that some of my rugs were at with the fiber guild.  I got there about noon and stuck around to help break down at 4:00.

Even sold a couple of rugs there!

Slow and steady drive home in the dark -- still icy and always watching for deer since it can be especially bad right now due to hunting season opening yesterday!

Tonite I've got my feet up unknitting a sweater.

This one is lambswool/ angora rabbit.
Can't wait to get this yarn on the loom :)  


  1. I never would think to Unknit a sweater... Love the picture of the unknit.. lol glad you had a good weekend !

  2. Congratulations on a successful event. You have opened my eyes to weaving materials, I must say. You make 24 hours in a day look mighty roomy - I don't think I have the same clock as you do.