Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yup, It's Cold.

The sun may be shining, but man is it cold!  I keep telling myself to be thankful that I am physically capable of taking care of myself and my horses in this cold - without the proper - or best - set up and facilities.

Not much snow - the horses are huddled behind the shed trying to get out of the wind.  They were shivering this morning after drinking their water.  More hay is the answer.  Glad I managed to roll out a bale last night so they have plenty!  Man do I wish I had been able to get my auto water put in...

I'm ferret sitting today.  Fred has grown since I saw him last - he is a character!  My dog and cats are terrified of him.  He is intent on biting them if they get close.  Goofy thing.

At some point today, I think I'll get started on my next scarf.  This one should be fun!  The offwhite yarn is rabbit angora and the pink is mohair - both with a small percentage of wool and nylon.  Should be a soft cuddly one.

I've also got on my list possible projects like painting, paying bills, doing financial statements for end of year for the 4-H leaders, and other assorted organizing issues.  I'm alone today except for the ferret, the cats, and Cooper!

He's got his sunny spot picked out and is chillin' with two of the cats.  I am happy to be home today - and not have to go somewhere unless I want to!

It's been a tough year to focus on the things I should be thankful for - they've been in the background pretty much.  But I am still trying! 

Today I've forced myself to acknowledge those things that are good  - my kids, my animals, my fun co-workers, the people I've met through my weaving and crafting, and much more.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...


  1. Tell Cooper to take the cats and put one on each side of him and the Mr. Ferret on top of him.. You, quick make those scarves, If you have to.. roll yourself up in some of your rugs.. The poor horses.. I don't know.. Bring them in maybe... because that is Damn Cold !!! LOL It was 71 here in Alabama.. Stay warm. I am thinking of ya'll !!!

  2. I'm not sure which of those spots on the map were you, but they all had a minus in front and two numbers after. I have NEVER been that cold. Ever. I cannot imagine how cold that is. When it's -3 (single and only one digit) here I think I'm going to die. My jaw drops to you (a weird bow).