Sunday, November 14, 2010


I've reassessed the purpose of my craft room.  I had thought that the smallest bedroom would do nicely for a sewing and craft room. 

Originally I had planned for 2 bedrooms in my lower level, but plans change with job and financial change.   My lower level didn't get any finishing this past year - as a matter of fact, other finishing in the upstairs is still undone. 

Consequently, I didn't have but one bedroom for when my children come home to visit -- and this dang little room just wasn't cutting it for my "stuff"...

If I would just focus on one thing, it might have worked.  Rug materials take up alot of space!  So I decided that all of that is going down into the one big unfinished space.  I think my loom is coming home over Thanksgiving, too!

Well, it's a bedroom as of today!  I got everything except the closet contents out and a bed and dresser moved in. 
I was all pumped to hang pictures on the walls, but there is this one shelf that I want to use... But do you think I can find it???   Frustrating! It's somewhere in a box I suppose.

I'm planning on using the dresser and this closet for "hand" type crafts -- like counted cross stitch, drawing/sketching,  sweaters to be unknitted, etc.  All those projects that you sit on the couch to do :)

Of course doing this created chaos elsewhere --
All of this needs to go downstairs - and hopefully I'll be able to figure out a system so I will be able to find things at a later date - I can dream anyway....

This reassessment thing can sure be messy.

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