Monday, November 8, 2010

Time change project

My loom was naked.  It was dark outside and I felt the pull from my bed.

It was 6:30 PM... MUCH too early to crawl in and go to sleep.  I dislike the time change! I'd rather have light in the evening...

Made myself get busy and warp up another scarf.

Another sweater... this time lableled lambs wool.  I pretty much design on the fly!  Who needs a plan???? :)

I've got it all warped up and ready to start weaving.  Just need to load up a shuttle and go!  To bad I'm so dang busy.  I've got a meeting tonite so I doubt I'll get much done on this.  I made myself go to bed last night when I had the urge to start. 

I wish I'd known I wouldn't be able to go to sleep til about midnite anyway.  I would have started...

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