Sunday, April 25, 2010

23 finished projects

In the last two weeks I finished 23 projects from the loom.

I think the most unique project was this bag...

There were blue jean rugs,
flannel sheet rugs,

and blanket rugs.
Plus more.

I've also worked on a t-shirt quilt for my son's graduation gift, messed with the structo a little bit, sent out resume's, took care of my janitor duties, traveled to my daughters college, and tried to put some order to my home because of the company that showed up a couple of times.

You know, just living my life...

I think I've decided to sign up for a craft fair the first weekend in June.  Before I do, I need to resolve a few questions....  This fair is outside ~ South Dakota weather can be fickle.  Sunny and mild or snowy and wet.  Add some wind in there, too.  If I can find a canopy, I'm pretty much in -  then the next issue is whether I can handle it all myself.  It is a 2 1/2 day show, and I'm not sure I can set up (each morning and night), man the booth, and tear down all by myself.  Sounds tiring.

I could always use more items to sell, too! 

Reminder to self -- don't stop, keep moving ahead, and don't quit.

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