Monday, April 12, 2010

My helper

This is Cooper.  He's my buddy.  At times he gets a little insistent about getting my attention.  Good thing he's cute, 'cause he can sure get irritating when you are trying to get things done!

Cooper sometimes comes to the shop with me and hangs out while I am weaving or watching the retail section.  For the most part he's a pretty good greeter, but at times he decides he's not so sure about the person coming in.  He behaves, but he lets me know to be careful!  Not sure how he decides who is the grim reaper and who's not, lol.

Right now I have on my loom a blue warp.  I had something particular in mind, but when I went to put it on, I found that I had forgotten that I had used blues since my last order.  Plan B was put into place as I didn't have on hand enough of the blues to do what I was going to do.  I like what I came up with anyway.  Here it is.

The warp is in stripes of dark blue, light blue, gray and natural (white).  Of course I got over ambitious and ended up running out of the light blue, so the outside two sections had to be different.  On the right side I ended up with a wider section of dark blues together, and that isn't what I would have planned, but at the point I was at, I didn't have much choice anymore.  It's not offensive and most people won't notice, unless I point it out, so it will be what it will be....

Here is what it looks like on a light denim rug.   On a dark rug, the dark strips are very noticeable.
So does that wide dark strip jump out at ya?

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