Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I've got the blues....

Blue jeans are on the menu this week.  Lots and Lots of Blue Jeans.  The jean rugs are pretty much the most labor intensive rug I make.  Here's a look at the beginning steps I take to get a rug from holey jeans.

I get my jeans from all over.  Family, friends, strangers.... I've come home from somewhere to find a bag hanging on my doorknob. I've lately taken to going to rummage sales and leaving my card telling them I'll take all jeans off their hands at the end of the day.  When I do this, I usually end up with a bunch of other textiles, too!

First step is to get rid of all the material I can't use... the seams, zippers, waistband, etc.  I rip all my jeans, cause it's faster (and I like how I can get out some frustrations doing it, lol).  What I'm left with are the legs - sometimes I get 4 pieces from a pair of jeans, but sometimes only two, depending on the condition.

Then I get to take each leg, and with a scissors snip every inch, and then ~ rip some more!  It makes alot of blue dust - you really don't want to know what ends up in my kleenex when I'm done.  Sorry, TMI!

I really need to figure out a spot outside to do this - it sure makes a mess!   All for now, next steps tomorrow!

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