Friday, April 23, 2010

Busy, busy

It's been incredibly busy lately in my world.  Just returned from a road trip to daughters college where I attended a banquet where she was initiated into an honor society.

On the way home, I stopped at a friends where she literally loaded up my car with textiles for me to use in my rug making... Thanks Michelle!

When I got home, I found another bag of stuff that had been dropped off in my absence and also a delivery of new warp! I'm set now for a little while :^)

Already have the washer going with blankets that need to be freshened, have a roll of rugs to tie, a project on the structo and a plan for the Union.

Tonite is clean the house night.  Tomorrow is prom and the son and his girlfriend plan to come here after the dance to hang out and watch movies and eat junk food.  Plus, one of the girls is bringing college friends for the day, just cuz...  oooo yeah, I have to go do my janitor job at the church, too.  Dang, I'm tired before I even get started.

I am so busy now, I wonder how I will fit a full time job in when I manage to find one ~

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