Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another bag of the tote variety.

Previously curtains - and a belt.
It's raining again in my world.  
Things had just started to get dried out so I could try and continue with the landscaping.

And yes, Sharon,  the landscaping has to do with moving water away from the house.
(And to even out the cowpaths, gopher mounds and pasture rough that was my front yard!)
South Dakota is usually a 17 inch  a year rain average state.
I think the state has become an overachiever- at least this area!

I got my house because of water woes - the basement failed because of too much water.
I'm getting a new neighbor - when it stops raining- they are moving their house because of too much water.

My uncles, who are ranchers/farmers, this year failed for the first time in history to plant 
a single kernal of corn.
Too much water.

Yesterday was voting day.
The vote passed to opt out of the property tax freeze.
We need money to fix basic roads - - too much water...

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  1. It's been an unpredictable year here as well. June was just as cool as March. Historically we don't get rain - our ppt comes as snow, yet we had days of rain this summer.

    It's hard to deal with rain when it comes because we're not prepared. It washes away our banks and makes gulleys. We did't have rain gutters built on our house because we don't get rain. Now we get rain? I don't know if I should say - so sorry, or not.