Thursday, September 9, 2010

My World

Things are a little bit soggy in my world....

I was going to be finishing up my landscaping on Tuesday - at least the heavy lifting part- but rain intervened.  Monday night we got about an inch - that's what I heard anyway, I don't have a rain gauge.

Did I get Tuesday for slackin' then?  OOOOOHHHH NOOOO!

I drove over to my parents with my truck and trailer to get supplies.  My dad cut up old power line poles and I muscled them into the trailer.  Then we found some old skidder tires for me to use when I put in an auto waterer for the horses, and then, Oh! Yes!  My mom remembered she had a stack of old brick somewhere around - so we loaded that up, too.

I got home before dark on Tuesday and parked my trailer. 

Stuff is still inside and will probably stay there in the trailer for awhile.  Today the heavens opened up here.  It poured buckets off and on all day... and it looks like it's gonna keep at it for awhile.  It's good for my sod and it sure helps with getting my dirt to settle.  But there is no way I can even walk out on it - it's like pudding out there!

It's a windy, blustery wet day. The kind of day you wish you could curl up in bed with a book and some company and just laze the day away.

Or wish I had a barn that I could hang out in with my horses.


  1. Your homeplace is looking great!!! The Lord knew you needed some rest from all that work ya'll have been doing! lol

  2. I guess I didn't realize that you'd get so much rain at this stage of the seasons. I'm not sure I understand what you're doing with all the yard reconfiguration, but I'm now guessing it has to do with water.