Saturday, September 11, 2010

Threshing Show

Went to a threshing show today.  It's in it's 37th year - or so I heard..... Never been before even tho it's only about 30 minutes away from my home!

Lots and lots of this type of thing... plus every size and kind of old tractor you can imagine.  Some old cars/trucks, too.

To appeal to the female sort, they also have a quilt/heritage item show.  Also a speaker in regards to quilts and quilting.  It was standing room only.

This is only a small portion of the quilts and quilted wall hangings and quilted purses and quilted jackets and quilted....

Every year they have a different theme.  Next year is crazy quilts.

I was with the fiber arts guild I joined this year.  We were in another building.

I had my rugs and was demonstrating fringe finishing...

And Marie was doing some spinning on her wheels and with her drop spindles.

Also on display was this wonderful old loom.  They would like to have it up and weaving by next year.  Someone had spied it an an auction - bought it - and donated it to the threshing show.  It stays here and will hopefully be a demo loom soon.

It is obviously handmade and there are some parts missing - so they are working on that!

Whoever made this even made it a little bit fancy!  The nails that are in it are all square hand made and the construction includes wedges and fancy joints.  It all breaks down.  That's the way it came.  Quite the puzzle.

Also in the pile of wood was this.

The biggest warping mill I've ever seen.  After they built the new base, they started to wonder if it was meant to be horizontal... Anybody out there seen one like this before?

Fun day!  Next year I'll make sure to clear my calender and be there for the whole weekend.  Added bonus - I sold rugs....


  1. I think it looks pretty much like this traditional scandinavian warp board.

    (trend = warp)

    Eva Hall

  2. My brother brought us a pile of oak years ago that he assured us was a barn loom. Friend Laura and I did out best to assemble the thing, but parts were missing an it's not in the yard with climbing roses on it.