Friday, September 3, 2010

something new learned

I'm always learning...

That comes from trying new things and not always following 'the rules'!

These rugs are made from blankets.  You know the felty type ones that get all pilly and stretched out?

I've made rugs from these blankets before and they turned out ok enough that I have kept making them when I come across a color I like in a blanket.

I didn't notice anything really while I was cutting.  But when I was weaving, I notice a bit of an issue.

From a distance, the rugs look ok.  A unique color for sure, but I think it might work great in a kids bedroom...

Except for this little detail.

Can you see it?  These rugs are prickly ---

This blanket had in the interior a fish line type base that was not apparent when I started the project. 

Now these rugs that would go so nicely in a bedroom, really aren't going to be very cozy to bare little feet.  There are little pokey, stiff little hairs all over it.

See?  Learn something new every day....

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