Monday, September 20, 2010

Don't think too hard, just do it

That, in a way is my motto.
But then again - I like to think everything thru before I jump in.

I'm always confusing myself.  I wanted to try to make a scarf on my Structo.  But I didn't really want to sit down and do the math they say is necessary to figure out the warp and amounts of yarn I would need. 

Lazy me.

So I jumped right in instead.

And of course the cheap frugal part of me says I can't spend $ on new stuff, cuz ya know - I just might screw it up.  So what did I do? 

I took this...
A thrift store sweater that cost me a buck ninety nine.
And un knit it.

Sometimes people think I'm crazy.

But, look!  I have a scarf warped up!

This first attempt, I used the acrylic cheapo sweater.  If it all works - my half thought out project.... I will attempt to move on to my "nicer" sweaters and make some mohair, cashmere, and wool scarves.  Out of you guessed it!  Recycled sweater yarn.

I admit it... sometimes I am just a little odd.

1 comment:

  1. I've made scarves out of acrylic and they do just fine, especially since they are wash and wear ;)