Tuesday, August 31, 2010

fair results, finally

I'm finally getting around to taking a picture of my fair entries.
I've been a little, shall we say, unfocused?

I've been a bit forlorn lately.  Empty nest, a job I REALLY don't like, overwhelming list of 'stuff' that needs to get done, end of summer with not enough accomplished.
The list goes on.

And then I got on the scale for the first time in MONTHS.  I knew it was gonna be bad, but holy cow.

Sigh...  I need someone to kick me in the behind, but I think that would just tick me off!

As if you guys want to hear my troubles!!!!  

See?  I got a best in class ribbon!  Of course I like my other denim rug better! 
The judges didn't seem to know what to think about my purses - the comments really didn't make alot of sense - I don't think they really realized what they were made out of...  Oh well!  I think they are cute.

The rug that got a blue, they thought was a little too "rustic" for their tastes, too.... I am so used to interview judging from 4-H, I really would have liked to be there to explain it all!  
What matters is that I got my feet wet again.  For so long it was all about the kids and their stuff.  Now it's my turn again!

My dear little guy who makes me laugh! 
He insisted - amazing how he communicates - that I take his picture, too.
Too bad he doesn't stay still long enough to not blur....


  1. Congratulations on the ribbons! I think judging creative work is really subjective, you can judge the technical aspects but creativity is in the artist and the eye of the person that loves what they see. Not everyone sees the same picture in exactly the same way. Pay it no mind I think your items are fabulous

  2. Yet still, you have great ribbons and comments. Judges change from year to year - another judge might have given you a different ribbon. Empty nest is a rough transition and kinda mean on the cusp of winter weather. I'd say join a book group - but what else can I say - my license plate is Bookist.

  3. Congratulations on the ribbons. It takes courage to be judged. Empty nest for now but sometime they are like a boomerang. They may need the nest again for a while sometime in the future. All four of mine came home for a time after they graduated from college and I was delighted to have them!